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Shelving Systems

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Probe Shelving

The following is a list of shelving types and solutions offed by Lion Steel, branded Probe, manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK.
Document storage, paper storage and medical storage are all catered for.
Steel shelving
Steel racking Hand loaded shelving
Probe shelving Shelving systems
Library shelving Cantilever shelving
Delta shelving
Delta edge shelving
Paper shelving File storage
Technic shelving
Clip shelving
Mistral shelving
BS shelving Bss shelving
British standard shelving
Rolled edge shelving

All the steel components manufactured in Probe Shelving units are epoxy powder coated with Active coat (Active-coat). Probe’s very own ACTIVE COAT is Developed in conjunction with DUPONT - The miracles of science.

Main Probe product areas:
probe shelving
probe cupboards & work stations
probe mobile shelving
probe library shelving
probe cloakroom cabinets

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